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How it Works: Heat Flow & Foam Insulation

Everyone knows that foam insulation and insulation in general helps keep the home temperate. But, how exactly? At Lewis Insulation, we are experts in all types of insulation, specializing in foam insulation for Eden Prairie and the surrounding areas. We get many questions about how insulation works and we’d like to share a brief rundown… Read more »

The Many Benefits of Replacing Your Attic Insulation

Attic insulation in the Twin Cities is so important for so many reasons. With our cold winters and hot, humid summers, keeping your attic properly insulated keeps heat and air conditioning in, cutting energy bills by a possible 30%. But, just because you have insulation in your attic already, it does not mean it is… Read more »

Insulate That Metal Building to Keep Temperatures Regulated

At Lewis Insulation, we are frequently asked by business owners whether or not they should consider installing commercial building insulation for their Minneapolis metal-based buildings. These types of buildings are in use in all forms of business, but are frequently found in the housing of animals (livestock), the protection of equipment (agricultural) and other general… Read more »

Common Myths about Foam Insulation

While many people are familiar with fiberglass insulation, it seems not as many know much about closed cell spray foam insulation. Twin Cities residents have been requesting this kind of insulation for years, and we sometimes hear a lot of myths and misconceptions when talking to homeowners about foam insulation and its benefits. Here are… Read more »