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At Lewis Insulation, our technicians are trained in insulating walls whether it be the exterior or interior. Most commonly done in older homes is the insulating of exterior walls. This usually means blowing cellulose insulation into the stud wall cavity through a hole drilled into the exterior of your home. Insulating exterior walls can be done on the interior of the home as well if need be, but the installation of cellulose insulation is extremely dusty & dirty. This would make for considerable clean up with walls, floors, ceilings and furniture just to name a few. Insulating from the outside, clean up consists of a quick rake and sweep around the exterior of the house.

When insulating exterior walls, the siding is carefully removed where needed and a 2” hole is drilled between each wall cavity so that the insulation can be installed and dense packed for a better R-value and so that it does not settle. When done installing the insulation, the holes are plugged and the siding is put back on the home.

Densely packed cellulose is very effective at stopping air infiltration through walls. Dense packing sidewalls provides your home with greater comfort by eliminating drafty walls, increased energy efficiency and reduced moisture transfer to the wall cavity.

Stucco homes may also have sidewalls insulated by drilling through the stucco and patching holes after the insulation work is completed or from the interior walls.

Whether it be basement walls, a home remodel or new construction, exterior walls can also be insulated from the inside with fiberglass batt insulation or closed cell spray foam insulation, prior to sheetrock being installed. Contact the experts at Lewis Insulation to see which application is best for your home.

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