Pros and Cons of Foam Insulation

Insulation acts as one of the primary barriers to escaped heat during the winter and cool during the summer – both of which impact the overall energy efficiency of your home. Especially when living somewhere with such a wide range of temperatures and winters as harsh as Minnesota experiences, insulation is an important piece to making sure your home stays comfortable all year round. That’s why we’ve consolidated a list of pros and cons about foam insulation in Rogers! Here at Lewis Insulation, we have experience working with multiple kinds of insulation, but foam is one of the most popular – and for a reason!

Blown in Cellulose Insulation


Increased energy efficiency.

While this can be said of any insulation choice, spray foam insulation improves the thermal envelope around the home, allowing less air to escape the home and keeping your home warm or cool as desired for a lower cost!

Superior R-value.

When compared to traditional rolled or blown in insulation, foam insulation boasts a higher R-value. This means that less heat can be conducted through the material, making it a more efficient insulator.

Contributes to structural strength of home.

Foam insulation has also been proven to increase the structural strength of a home! Due to how spray foam insulation is installed, it can increase the durability of the home.

Moisture resistance.

Additionally, foam insulation has the highest moisture resistance of commonly used types of insulation. In fact, FEMA has classified it as having the highest resistance to flood damage!


Requires professional installation.

Spray foam insulation is not a DIY project. It requires proper and precise mixing of chemicals to ensure an effective installation and can pose safety risks if handled incorrectly.

Failing to adhere to manufacturer’s guidelines causes long-term issues.

Without proper experience and understanding of manufacturer’s guidelines, there can be long-term issues caused by unprofessional installation. Failing to adhere to guidelines can cause prolonged odors, oily residue and ineffective insulation.

Health concerns during installation.

Finally, due to the nature of mixing chemicals, foam insulation can pose a health risk if the installer is not fitted with the proper PPE. Gloves, eye protection and masks are all strictly required during installation and handling of spray foam installation to avoid any health risks.

Luckily, all of the cons are negated when you choose to hire a professional like Lewis Insulation! We understand the manufacturer’s guidelines for each insulation we work with and ensure that each contractor on site wears the proper PPE to keep them safe.

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