Foam Seal Bypass Areas

Home Insulation in the Twin Cities Metro

Preventing air leaks into attics is essential for insulation to be effective. Attic bypass areas are a major source of heat loss into the attic. Some of the common bypasses are located around chimneys, ceiling light fixtures, electrical wires, plumbing, kitchen & bathroom fans, drop soffits, top plates, skylights, etc.

When the bypass areas are not properly sealed, it can cause moisture to condense onto cool surfaces in the attic such as the wood joists and the insulation itself. This can rot the wood and reduce the effectiveness of the insulation. This can also contribute to ice dam problems. When heat escapes into the attic, it can melt the underside of the snow on your roof, causing water to flow to the edge of the roof where it freezes, eventually causing an ice dam.

Although while living in Minnesota we cannot guarantee you will never have an ice dam or icicles, by having the bypass areas properly sealed, along with a quality insulation job, it can and will reduce the number of incidences.

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