Smart Tips to Keep Your House Cool this Summer

It’s really heating up here in Minnesota! Is cranking up the AC the only way to keep your home cool? You may be surprised there are other more cost-effective ways to keep your home cool this summer. At Lewis Insulation we specialize in home insulation for Minnetonka, one of the many ways to help give your home’s cooling a boost. As the weather heats up, we’ve put together some creative tips to help keep your home a comfortable temperature all season long.

Proper insulation. What people often don’t know is how many places hot air could be entering the home: think around windows, door frames, and crawl spaces, even around recessed lights. If you were to add up all these little cracks and places in your house where warm air gets in, you would see a pretty large hole. That’s where proper home insulation comes in. Not having insulation means heat is seeping into your house and your air conditioner is having to work a lot harder. If you’re really, really committed to not blasting your AC all summer, you can make a couple changes to your home that will keep it cooler for seasons to come. Attic, home and window insulation, for example, are a smart and essential part of your cooling system.

Home Insulation and Cooling Tips Minnetonka

Keep blinds closed during the day. Up to 30% of unwanted heat in your home is coming through your windows via the greenhouse effect; sunlight and heat enter, but cannot escape. By keeping your blinds closed you can prevent unwanted heat from entering the home this way.

Plant shade trees. A well-placed tree can make a world of difference for the overall comfort of your home. Planting a tree likely won’t have immediate payoffs, but it’s a great way to both shade your home and add beauty to your property. Vines and other tall shrubs are other options which will have quicker results, but will likely require more maintenance.

Grill. Skip the oven or stove and grill more! Any usage of the oven or even the stove-top is going to heat your home. So dust off that grill and help keep the heat outdoors.

Other home updates. If the heat in your home is a real problem every year, you’ll want to run the numbers on re-painting your home to a lighter color or replacing your roof. It may even be a need for proper attic insulation and ventilation. Not sure what the problem is? Our experts can calculate how much ventilation and insulation your attic needs and how much is already there.

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