Home Insulation Twin cities

Home Insulation Twin CitiesPinpointing the right type of home insulation for your Twin cities is not the easiest choice to make. Your home itself to a large extent will define which particular type of insulation is best at keeping the outdoors where they belong to maintain ideal house temperature. Once that is determined, budget comes in to play and from there your decision shall be made.

Lewis Insulation, 35 year veterans in the home insulation trade, are experts in helping customers make the right choices, as well as in safe and efficient installation.

Our professional installation team specializes in three types of home insulation:

  • Fiberglass-glass fiber-based material that is largely resistant to heat and fire.
  • Cellulose-plant fiber-based, low thermal conductivity material that efficiently reduces building heat loss/gain, draughts.
  • Closed cell spray foam-foam containing open cells, spongy in appearance.

All three types offer plenty of advantages, so we will be happy to tell you more about them and give you our recommendation on which one you should have installed. Home insulation helps to keep heating and cooling costs down, thwarts mold and mildew problems and is a great means of reducing noise pollution.

Installing Home Insulation

When it comes to installing home insulation, Lewis Insulation makes sure our team has all of the right tools and equipment to ensure the installation process is done safely. We do not want to put anyone’s health or well-being at risk.

Our team members are fully trained on the best way to install home insulation—the work is done the right way the first time out! We do not want to make repeat visits to your home any more than you want us to!

We also offer other home insulation services:

  • Soundproofing
  • Foam seal bypass
  • Ventilation
  • Insulation removal
  • Ice dam removal
  • And more!

Twin cities Home Insulation

Give us a call and we will tell you even more. You can get a free estimate, and we will set up a time to come to your house to discuss your home insulation needs if you are unsure of which type to buy.
Then set up a time to start installing your new home insulation.

If you would like more information on home insulation in Twin cities, call us at Lewis Insulation at 763-477-2612, or you can contact us to get a Free Estimate.