Foam Insulation Rogers

Is your home’s insulation up to the task of keeping heat in during harsh Minnesota winters while also keeping the heat out throughout the summers? If you aren’t sure or your answer is no, consider foam insulation in Rogers from Lewis Insulation!

Foam insulation is the most popular form of insulation for homes, in part because it can be added to older insulation to give it the boost it needs instead of requiring entirely new installation! In addition to that, foam insulation offers:

  • Structural integrity
  • Reduction in noise pollution
  • Resistance to shrinkage and settling
  • Decreased mold and mildew growth
  • And more!

Foam insulation boasts a high R-value, making it more effective than some other forms of insulation. The R-value of a material is a measurement of its resistance to heat flow through a specified thickness, meaning that the higher the R-value, the lower the risk of heat escaping during the winters and entering during the summers!

The best insulation has high R-values to ensure that your heating or cooling can do its job efficiently, without paying to heat or cool the outside as temperatures try to equilibrate through your walls.

So, are you ready to add foam insulation to your current insulation to boost its performance or maybe even replace your old insulation with foam altogether? If you are, give Lewis Insulation a call! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and get you on our calendar!

Professional Foam Insulation from Lewis Insulation

For decades, Lewis Insulation has been the trusted insulation professionals throughout the Twin Cities area. Our decades of experience allow us to make sure your home gets the best insulation for it, so that you can enjoy the experience of a more energy-efficient home!

foam insulation rogers

We are knowledgeable about the insulation types that we work with, including foam insulation, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our professionals with any questions you may have about insulation! We ensure that each one of our professionals is properly trained to be able to answer your questions while also performing each job with efficiency and professionalism.

No matter what insulation services you need, call Lewis Insulation. We offer:

  • Ventilation
  • Insulation removal
  • Ice dam prevention
  • Soundproofing
  • Seal bypassing
  • And more!

Give us a call today to learn more about any of our insulation services! We are happy to answer your questions and take care of scheduling while you have us on the phone.

Learn More About Foam Insulation

For more information on foam insulation in Rogers and the Twin Cities surrounding area, contact the experts at Lewis Insulation. You can call us at 763-477-2612 or contact us for a free estimate!