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Attic Insulation Maple Grove

Proper attic insulation is essential to the efficiency of a home. Without it, you could be losing a great deal of money every month to your heating and cooling bills. Attic insulation can help with a variety of issues from noise pollution to moisture problems.

Make sure you get the most out of your insulation and reap all of the benefits of attic insulation by only trusting the professionals. At Lewis Insulation we specialize in attic insulation for Maple Grove and the surrounding areas and are here to help you with all of your insulation needs. We can take a look at your current insulation and advise you on the best solution for you. Depend on us to provide you and your home or business with the most up-to-date insulation materials and processes. We know the safest and most efficient ways to install insulation, so you can stay focused on your own to-do list. Our job is to exceed all of your expectations so that you are provided with not only excellent insulation but excellent customer service as well.

Ready to get started with new attic insulation for your home? Call us today so we can put you on our schedule and so you can get all of your questions about attic insulation answered.

Professional Attic Insulation

Local area homeowners have been entrusting their all-important attic insulation to the experts at Lewis Insulation for over three decades. Not only are we experts on attic insulation, but we are also dependable, honest and efficient. For more than 35 years, homeowners have relied on us to provide the best and most up to date insulation materials for their homes. We know the best and most efficient ways to install the insulation, and we take care of installing this insulation safely and properly so you don’t have to.

Here at Lewis Insulation we install three different kinds of attic insulation, including:

Cellulose. Will not settle, is non-corrosive and will not rot or decay. It offers all of the same benefits of fiberglass insulation.

Closed cell spray foam. Very high R-value. Helps deter moisture and other water problems and also offers the same advantages of fiberglass and cellulose.

Fiberglass. One of the best known types of attic insulation, it can help make your home more energy efficient.

Whichever type of attic insulation you choose, we always strive to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. We want to be sure you are fully happy and satisfied with your new attic insulation.

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