Fire & Water Restoration

Removal of Existing Insulation – Twin Cities MN

If your home has been affected by a fire or sustains water damage (such as a leaking roof), most likely any insulation in the affected areas will need to be removed and replaced. Lewis Insulation can remove your existing insulation if need be, due to water or fire damage.

It’s important to remove insulation that’s become wet since it can harbor mold. Mold is a big deal for any home. You do not want a moist environment where mold can grow. So, to be safe, most insulation that has become wet should be removed. Some types of insulation can be dried and re-used but this should be checked by professionals to make sure no moisture is left in the insulation and that it has not lost its insulating qualities. We can handle the task of removing or restoring insulation damaged by water to be sure it’s safe to keep in the home and will still do its job.

In the case of a fire, most insulation is usually damaged beyond repair. We can go through and see how much needs to be removed. We can remove the bad insulation, dispose of it and then install new insulation in its place. This will ensure your home stays energy efficient.

The types of insulation we can remove include blown-in fiberglass or cellulose insulation as well as fiberglass batt insulation.

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