Old Insulation: To Remove or Not to Remove

Your home’s insulation is the first line of defense against extreme temperatures, so it’s important to make sure that it’s performing as best as it can. If your insulation isn’t up to the task, what do you do with your old insulation?

Lewis Insulation takes care of all of your insulation needs in the Twin Cities area; from removal to installation, we do it all.

Now, to answer your question about when to remove or keep your old insulation, here are some instances when it’s best to remove, and some when it’s best to keep, your old insulation.

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When to Remove Old Insulation

Whether you are renovating an entire house or just fixing up a single room, here are some scenarios where you should definitely remove your old insulation before adding new:

  • You’re replacing your insulation with spray foam. One of the biggest selling points of spray foam is that it expands to create an air-tight seal, but if there’s remaining insulation in the way the spray foam can’t do its job.
  • You’ve had rodents or other pests. Loose-fill insulation and fiberglass batts are both pretty cozy hideouts for rodents and other pests. If you’ve had any critter issues, it’s best to remove your old insulation so you can ensure there aren’t any droppings left behind, permeating your insulation.
  • You’ve had water damage. If there are any signs of moisture in your old insulation, it’s important to remove it completely before adding new insulation. It’s equally as important to find the source of the moisture to ensure that you are protecting yourself against potential future damage. Wet insulation can promote the growth of mold and mildew, so you need to make sure that any waterlogged insulation is removed before proceeding.
  • You’ve had fire or smoke damage. If you have had a fire, chances are your insulation will need to be replaced, whether it has directly experienced fire damage. As insulation can absorb the smell of smoke, it’s best to replace all insulation after a fire to remove the smoke odor from your home.

When to Keep Old Insulation

While there are times to remove the old insulation first, there are also some instances where you can keep your old insulation and just add new to it!

  • You’re adding loose-fill insulation. Since there are no potentially harmful chemical interactions between mixing loose-fill insulation and other types of insulation, it’s completely safe to add loose-fill to your existing insulation. As long as your old insulation is in good shape, adding more loose-fill is a great course of action to increase your home’s insulation effectiveness.
  • You’re adding batt or rolled insulation. Just as it was for loose-fill insulation, batt or rolled insulation can be added to existing insulation so long as it’s in good condition. There are no potentially harmful chemical interactions to be had, so unless there’s another underlying reason, there’s no need to remove your old insulation.

So now you know – when it’s time for you to reinsulate your home whether you need to remove your old insulation depends on the scenario. If you have any questions or still aren’t sure whether you need to remove your old insulation in your Twin Cities home, call Lewis Insulation today at 763-477-2612 or Contact Us!