Insulate that Metal Building to Keep Temperatures Regulated

At Lewis Insulation, we are frequently asked by business owners whether or not they should consider installing commercial building insulation for their Minneapolis metal-based buildings. These types of buildings are in use in all forms of business, but are frequently found in the housing of animals (livestock), the protection of equipment (agricultural) and other general industrial tasks.

Commercial business insulation can provide a wide array of benefits for metal buildings which often are at the mercy of Mother Nature—however hot or cold it is outside it is proportionately hotter or colder than the outside air.

Take a look at the benefits that commercial business insulation can provide your metal building:

Absorb sound

The sounds that emerge within your metal buildings can echo loudly off of the walls and ceiling, creating a reverberation of sound in all directions. Installing commercial building Insulation can help absorb these noises within the building and provide something of a mute for loud noises coming from outside of the building. An insulated metal building is a more peaceful, comfortable place for workers to operate in.

Control moisture

The drastic ups and downs of temperatures as well as the dropping of dew points can cause condensation to arise on cool metal surfaces. Metal buildings experience this on cool mornings, often resulting in a damp interior as the moisture condenses on the ceiling, dripping to the floor below. Insulation the ceiling can help prevent this from unfolding, both in keeping a temperature buffer and/or catching the moisture within, should it seep through.

Reduce heat transfer

The transfer of heat is an issue in metal buildings, the extremes of temperature making heat a summer nuisance, cold a winter issue. Adding commercial building insulation can make for a warmer winter and a cooler summer within the metal walls once installation is installed as it helps reduce the metal’s heat transfer ability.

Rodent and bird nesting prevention

Having exposed beams and rafters that are desirable to rodents and birds (for nests), metal buildings are greatly benefitted by commercial building insulation. By filling in crevices with insulation, you can help deter these pests from making your building their new home.

No matter what type of metal building you want to add insulation to, Lewis Insulation has you covered. Whether you are part of the agricultural and farming industry or operate an airplane hangar—your barn, shed or other metal storage buildings likely require some degree of humidity and temperature control measures. We would likely install a spray foam type of insulation, applying wet and ultimately expanding into hard foam. A polyurethane blend, spray foam is perfect for the interiors of metal buildings.

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