How to Improve Your Home’s Insulation

The proper insulation for your home is extremely important. Not only can it help you save money on your heating and cooling bills, but it also helps reduce noise pollution. Insulation contractors in Minnetonka, like Lewis Insulation, can help you select the best insulation for your home. And because we are professionals, we can install it for you safely and thoroughly. But what are some other ways you can improve your home’s insulation? Here are a few tips.

  • Look into rebates. Your municipality, town, city and/or state might offer rebates and other financial incentives when you purchase insulation or other high-efficiency products.
  • Get an energy audit. One of the many services we offer as insulation contractors is blower door testing and infrared diagnostics. These two services are a great way to see what parts of your home are leaking air and what parts need some insulation TLC.
  • Talk to insulation contractors like us about installing new insulation. We can talk to you about the types we install, their benefits and which one would work best for your home and your needs. We install closed cell spray foam, cellulose and fiberglass insulation.
  • When you have new insulation installed, make sure it is installed in the right places. Areas of your home like your attic, walls, basement, additions and crawl spaces should all be insulated.
  • There are some smaller steps you can take to help improve your home’s insulation. You should be sure to caulk around windows, doors and thresholds. You can also use weather stripping to help decrease air leaks. Even your landscaping can help! Large shade trees can help keep your home cool in the summer, and various shrubs and foundation materials can help diffuse the bite of winter’s cold and harsh wind.
  • When you are ready to hire insulation contractors, be sure they are fully licensed, bonded and insured to do the work, like we are here at Lewis Insulation. You should ask for references, and you should contact a few and do some homework and research to ensure you are hiring reliable insulation contractors to do the work.

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