FAQs about Fiberglass Insulation

Lewis Insulation fiberglass insulation Eden PrairieAs a company that installs fiberglass insulation in Eden Prairie and throughout the surrounding area, we get a lot of questions about it. So we thought we would take the time to answer some of the ones that we hear the most often.

Q: What is fiberglass insulation?

A: Fiberglass insulation is a type of residential or commercial insulation that’s made out of very thin strands of glass. It is a man-made material and has a high surface area-to-weight ratio that makes it an ideal insulator for residential and commercial buildings. Nowadays, fiberglass insulation does not irritate the skin like it used to, and the manufacturing it is more environmentally friendly than it used to be. Many manufacturers nowadays are using recycled glass.

Q: What does R-value mean, and why is it so important?

A: R-value stands for “resistance value” and it measures an insulating material’s resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulation power that material has.

Q: What benefits will I enjoy with fiberglass insulation?

A: Fiberglass insulation is a cost-effective way to insulate your home or commercial property. Not only could you see some savings on your heating and cooling bills, but it can also help reduce noise pollution. It is also non-combustible and non-absorbent.

Q: What parts of my home or commercial property should fiberglass insulation be installed in?

A: Fiberglass insulation can be installed just about anywhere in your house or commercial property other than in the basement. For your basement, you should consider closed cell spray foam insulation instead, which we can also install.

Q: Why should I choose Lewis Insulation to install fiberglass insulation?

A: We are a professional insulation company, and one of our specialties is fiberglass insulation. We have several decades of experience under our belts, and we are fully licensed, bonded and insured for all of the work that we do. You can get a free estimate on how much new fiberglass insulation will cost too. Our technicians show up on time, as scheduled, and do the work quickly but without cutting any corners. We have helped countless home and business owners throughout the past couple of decades, and we have many happy and satisfied customers.

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