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The Many Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Insulation Contractor

At Lewis Insulation, we frequently receive questions from business owners about whether or not they really need to worry about properly insulating their commercial building. We are a commercial insulation contractor for Minneapolis and pride ourselves in our decades of providing reliable, high quality service for Minneapolis and the surrounding area. Although we specialize in… Read more »

Insulate that Metal Building to Keep Temperatures Regulated

At Lewis Insulation, we are frequently asked by business owners whether or not they should consider installing commercial building insulation for their Minneapolis metal-based buildings. These types of buildings are in use in all forms of business, but are frequently found in the housing of animals (livestock), the protection of equipment (agricultural) and other general… Read more »

Choosing the Best Commercial Insulation

If you own a commercial property and you are looking into commercial building insulation for your St Paul business, then you might be wondering which specific type of insulation you should have installed. While you should consult with experts like us to get our advice on the best type of insulation for your specific commercial… Read more »